Thiago Silva vs Rashad Evans at UFC 108

Despite decisively losing the first two round to Rashad Evans at UFC 108, Thiago Silva found himself in position to finish the fight late in the third round. Except he didn’t. He just stopped causing fans everywhere to question what he was doing. In this interview with Tatame, Silva explains what happened.

On the third round you started to provoke him and almost knocked him out. On that moment, did you think you were winning the fight?

I knew I was losing. I wasn’t that good on the energy and I tried to provoke him to see if he comes over me, but he didn’t bought it. I knew I was losing, I lost the two rounds.

When you hit him, don’t you think that you needed to keep hitting him more?

To be tired make a difference, man… I started to provoke him because he was with the low energy, getting tired… Wanting or not, he has a heavy hand, there’s some time that we don’t know what’s going on anymore… I think the energy made the difference, I was pretty tired.

While not having the cardio to go a full three rounds at this level is typically inexcusable, we might want to give Thiago a pass on this one. Earlier this week, news surfaced that Silva had suffered a back injury while training for the Evans bout. Under normal circumstances he likely would have withdrawn from the card, but considering the extraordinary number of injuries that struck UFC 108, he opted to fight through it. That is what you call taking one for the team.

Image via Sherdog