Cro Cop vs Dos Santos UFC 103

“I was more nervous facing Cro Cop than I would be for Lesnar. Cro Cop is a very dangerous guy. If he can just connect that shot from the left then the fight is over…It was a very worrying fight for me, I was switched on all the time. I was very fast, because I trained a lot of speed to escape his kicks. But after the fight I was hurting a lot. It was the hardest fight I’ve done in the UFC. Cro Cop when focused is one of the best.”

—Junior Dos Santos, in an interview with Terra Magazine via Fighters Only, praising Mirko “Cro Cop”

Dos Santos is right, when Cro Cop is focused he is one of the best, but unfortunately, that’s not something we’ve seen in years. He planned to correct that by seeing a sports psychologist, though word never came that he actually followed through with it. He did however replace his coaches and sparring partners and claims his new team is working him harder than ever.

“Juki (conditioning coach) killed me. He has never pushed me so hard. I thought the years have caught up with me but he says the training program has never been so intense. I could fall asleep right now told us CC on New years eve in his coffee bar Virage.”

“Josip Matkovic (a wrestler) is 193 cm (6’33 ft) and 145 kg (320 lb). He’s so strong I can’t put my arms around him. His regular sparring partner Sasa Mucnjak is only 200 cm (6’56 ft) and 122 kg (269 lb).”

Cro Cop also says he plans to win the UFC heavyweight title by the beginning of 2011. That’s nice and all, but I just want to see Cro Cop win a fight against a formidable opponent and look impressive doing it.

Image via Sherdog