Gina Carano On The Red Carpet At The ESPY's

Lots of MMA-related movie news today. Earlier, we saw the first trailer for “The A-Team” movie remake starring Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and now more info is leaking out about Steven Soderberg’s “Knockout,” specifically the supporting cast and further plot details.

According to The Playlist (via WKR), Carano will be joined by veteran actors Ewan McGregor, Dennis Quaid, Michael Douglas and Michael Fassbender from “Inglourious Basterds.” Apparently, the script has undergone a few rewrites, and instead of playing a girl “from the wrong side of the tracks,” Gina will now be playing a “black ops super soldier” who has been betrayed by a member of her team. The Playlist has more.

Ultimately, “Knockout” is now more of a revenge action-spy thriller. Essentially it’s hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and especially one who kicks serious ass. Double crossed by someone on her own team, Mallory Kane (Carano)— a black ops super soldier — seeks to uncover who has set her up to take the fall for a job that goes bad and involves a murder.

The male actors are all part of Carano’s special forces team. Douglas plays a government figure not unlike Chris Cooper or Brian Cox from the ‘Bourne’ movies. Fassbender and one other actor who has yet to sign-on officially (we’ve been asked not to say who because it’s not 100% confirmed, but the actor is male and a fairly big name; though it’s possible scheduling conflicts may prevent him from participating) play members of her commando spy unit, and one of these two plays the central antagonist that betrays Carano’s character (this is still being kept under wraps for now). McGregor’s role is that of the owner/guy who runs a Blackwater private military company-type group that the female fighting champion is a part of (and apparently many of the males take a beating at the hands of Carano).

And as noted, Carano’s Kane character is no longer a girl from the “wrong side of the tracks,” she now has a solid background and was raised around military honor and academia. She leaves the military to go to work for a Blackwater-esque company to make better money and then is eventually betrayed by one of her teammates.

According to the report, Gina has been in LA for the past two months preparing for the film and already knocked out one of the stunt coordinators. The quality of her acting remains to be seen, but at least we know she has the fighting part down.