Rampage Jackson

Rocking a mohawk from his role as BA Baracus in the new “A-Team” movie, Rampage Jackson appeared in front of a Orange County judge earlier today regarding his high-profile police chase incident from 2008. Not only did the judge strike down his felony conviction and give him three years probation, he also congratulated him on a job well done for going above and beyond the 200 hours of community service he was initially sentenced to. Rampage vowed he would “never let something get me so down [he] would hurt [himself] or others” again, and wants to be a “positive role model” from here on out.

Rampage really couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, especially when jail time was a possibility. I mean he did play bumper cars in Newport Beach traffic and led cops on a lengthy car chase, which by the way ended up with Rampage laying face down on the asphalt at gunpoint. He got off pretty easy, did he not?

Image via OC Register