Urijah FaberIt didn’t take long for the WEC to announce the next featherweight title fight. At the WEC 46 post-fight press conference, WEC’s Reed Harris informed the media that Urijah Faber will get the next featherweight title shot against Jose Aldo.

The question is, will we be asked to pay for it?

Well, it seems we might because Harris also mentioned it could headline the WEC’s first pay-per-view card.

“I would think that as we move towards that, that would be a great pay-per-view,” Harris said when talking about Aldo vs. Faber. “I think the fans would pay to see that fight.”

“The other thing we have to look at though is we need to do more than one good fight on that card,” Harris commented. “We want to put together a card where people are basically saying they cannot miss it.”

“Don’t have a date or location, but I’m going to tell you it’s going to happen,” Harris said about the WEC pay-per-view. “We’re looking at the first half of 2010. We’re looking at dates, locations, all that. There’s a lot of things that we look at that go into this, and we want to make sure that our first one is very, very successful.”

I still have my doubts about the WEC finding success on pay-per-view, but if they’re going to give it a shot regardless, I think Aldo-Faber is the headliner to go with. Urijah completely the changes the atmosphere of a WEC event when he fights, especially when it’s held in Sacramento as we saw last night. His hometown fans go absolutely nuts over him, so it would only make sense to return to ARCO Arena for their pay-per-view debut.

Of course as Harris mentions, they’ll need more than Aldo-Faber to create a must-see card. MDS thinks a Miguel Torres vs Brian Bowles rematch would make a great co-headliner. If not that — they’ll still need main events for other cards after all — I think the Cowboy-Varner grudge match would make a strong co-headliner. Obviously, it would have worked out better if Varner had won last night, but he did a great job in solidifying his status as the WEC’s villain in his post-fight comments. It also wouldn’t hurt to get Jens Pulver on the card against someone like Mike Brown if Pulver is able to snap his four-fight losing streak in March.

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