The UFC has released a preview fight for Spike’s upcoming ‘Best of PRIDE’ series which premieres this Friday night at 10PM ET/9PM CT. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised the fight they picked just so happens to be one of UFC’s biggest stars, Chuck Liddell, knocking out Strikeforce’s heavyweight champion, Alistair Overem, who by the looked like a freakin’ stick back in 2003. Wow, I forgot how skinny he used to be.

Laughable: This video’s description on the UFC’s Facebook page.

Before UFC, before TUF, before DWTS, Chuck Liddell ruled the PRIDE FC in Japan — watch his fight vs. Alistair Overeem free online

Chuck Liddell may have ruled the UFC’s light heavyweight division for a few years, but he sure as hell didn’t rule PRIDE by any stretch of the imagination.