Herschel Walker

…Literally. Check this out, the FSBC’s chief physician who evaluated Herschel Walker for his upcoming fight at Strikeforce “Miami” says Herschel is “47 going on 22.”

Allan Fields, chief physician for the Florida Boxing Commission that also oversees MMA sanctioning, said Walker passed the “most strenuous tests that possibly you can impose on an athlete.”

A stress test on Walker’s heart given by a “major cardiac institution,” Fields said, produced the highest score of anyone ever tested by facility.

“He’s in as fine a shape as Muhammad Ali or any of these people we’ve had the care of,” said Fields, a former U.S. Olympic team physician. “This guy is 47 going on 22, as far as his physical fitness goes.”

What’s even crazier is Walker managed to get into such prime physical condition on only four hours of sleep and one meal a day.

There’s always exceptions to the rule. We still don’t know how Herschel’s skills stack up, but as far as his age goes, it sounds like he’s one of them.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime. Tip via BE.