Dan Hardy

“I’ve been watching DVDs of GSP’s progression, and I know his particular game. We know GSP’s game plan. He had his wrestling coach with him the whole time while he was in Las Vegas at UFC 108 during the New Year. I’ve been working hard on clinch to takedown…There will be no surprises, really. If I land I’ll hurt him. It’s not about being cautious, it’s about believing what I can do in there, and taking my opportunity…A lot of the guys in the Rough House are predominantly one thing or another, so I will be using the help of a few US guys in the last few weeks of training camp. I’m working on transitioning quickly, and I’ll be getting the help of a few UFC veterans for this fight.”

—Dan Hardy telling The Telegraph he knows Georges St. Pierre’s gameplan and will be ready for it

It’s no secret GSP doesn’t have the chin of someone like Scott Smith. If Dan Hardy tags him with a clean shot, GSP’s probably going down. However, Hardy doesn’t exactly have stellar takedown defense, at least not that we’ve seen, like BJ Penn and Thiago Alves has, and GSP took them down at will before they even had a chance to get comfortable on their feet. Even if Hardy dramatically improves his takedown defense over the next eleven weeks, he’s probably not going to fare any better. It also doesn’t bode well for Hardy that GSP is taking him just as seriously as he took Fitch, Penn and Alves, not to mention the fact that he’s been putting on additional muscle mass.

Photo via All Elbows