Thiago Silva vs Rashad Evans at UFC 108

Remember when you were a kid and you knew you weren’t going to get that one big Christmas present you wanted, yet you were still kinda bummed when it wasn’t under the tree on Christmas morning? Yeah, that’s probably how Zuffa feels about UFC 108’s pay-per-view buys. From Dave Meltzer via BE:

Current trending patterns for UFC 108 are at this point looking like 255,000 to 270,000 buys, which if those numbers end up accurate, would be the lowest for a North American show in several years. But most figured that would be the case given all the injuries changing the lineup and it was a patched up show. Just like it wasn’t wise to overreact to 107, which did so well, same here, because with all the injuries, it was a show that wasn’t going to do well and it was just a question as to where the actual bottom base is right now. I’m not sure how 109 will do. Whether the public buys the two Hall of Famers deal will tell the tale. The advertising for it so far has been good. Obviously Couture’s drawing power isn’t what it once was, but if they can do the same business Couture’s fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira did, then I’d consider it a success.

Yes, the numbers are horrible, but completely expected. UFC 108 turned out to be an entertaining night of fights, but the pay-per-view buying public doesn’t buy events based on a line-up that only has the potential to put on a good show. They buy events based off of star power in meaningful fights they care about. The good news is the UFC has plenty of those coming up starting in late February.