Brock Lesnar

Surprise, surprise, there’s more conflicting information on Brock Lesnar.

As reiterated in today’s edition of ESPN MMA Live, Lesnar’s camp keeps saying he’s definitely coming back. Meanwhile, Dana White is trying to remain neutral and claims there’s just “news” they’ll reveal next week. And here we have a report from with one source who claims Brock is under 220 lbs. (which I find hard to believe given his recent photo above) and will vacate his heavyweight title next week. Another source says he could return in the summer. has received conflicting reports regarding the press conference. One source informed Heavy that Lesnar will be out for the rest of 2010 and will vacate the heavyweight championship at the press conference. The same source also indicated that Lesnar has experienced a drastic weight loss during his bout with diverticulitis and is currently under 220 pounds. While nothing is confirmed, the timetable for Lesnar’s return could ultimately depend on how long it takes him to get back to his normal weight of 290 pounds, and any setbacks with his illness could postpone it even further.

But another source told on Tuesday that Lesnar’s weight issues are overblown and that the champion could make his return this summer.

Tired of all the conflicting stories yet? Yeah, me too. We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out the truth from Brock Lesnar himself.