Michael Bisping

Training for this camp is already going very well. I know Wanderlei is a legend in the sport, but styles make fights and I truly believe my style is a very bad fit for Wanderlei. With Rampage giving me the insider’s perspective, I am even more confident of beating the legend at the Acer Arena in Sydney on Feb 21st…Despite Wanderlei’s legendary reputation, I am not going to be overwhelmed in this fight. I am not going to stand off and be in awe of Wanderlei. Yes, he’s a big-name in mixed martial arts and is one of the most recognisable figures in the sport. Yes, he also packs plenty of power in his fists. However, the way to beat Wanderlei is to go out there and show him no respect. Rampage did exactly that and he blasted Wanderlei out of there inside a round. If you give Wanderlei too much respect, he’ll chew you up and spit you out…I’m planning on one thing and one thing only: going out to Australia and beating Wanderlei Silva up…I’m living, eating and sleeping Wanderlei Silva right now. Like Rampage did 13 months ago, I’m going to crush ‘The Axe Murderer’.

—Michael Bisping blogging in the Daily Telegraph about his upcoming fight against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110

Wanderlei hasn’t issued a response yet, but I imagine when he does it will involve a lot of laughing.