Diego Sanchez

Only days after Diego Sanchez’s devastating loss to BJ Penn, Diego was already talking about a rematch. However, it seems that the reality of the situation is finally setting in, because Diego is now hinting at a move back to the welterweight division.

Heavy in the sense of what weight class he will next compete in. The New Mexico native on Sunday night left a somewhat cryptic message via his Facebook page stating “going back up to 170.”

When contacted by MMAWeekly.com, Jeff Clark, Sanchez’s manager, indicated that there has been no official decision made at this time about what weight class he will compete in next.

It’s definitely a tough decision Diego has to make. On one hand, Diego made the move to lightweight because he couldn’t make it to the top in the welterweight division, but on the other, he has to know he is a long ways off from another title shot at 155 lbs. as long as BJ Penn is the champion. Still, barring any monumental upsets, it’s pretty much inevitable that Penn is going to give 170 lbs. another shot and probably vacate his lightweight title when he does. Since Diego couldn’t reach his goal at welterweight, maybe he should just wait out Penn’s lightweight title reign and make another run when he leaves.

Image via Sherdog