Brock Lesnar

It doesn’t sound like the UFC will be holding a press conference for Brock Lesnar as Dana White stated last week, but Brock is expected to appear on SportsCenter tomorrow morning at 11AM ET to discuss his health problems and when he might return. Finally we can put an end to all the rumors and speculation.

Update: Dave Meltzer has an update on Brock Lesnar and why Dana White was suddenly so hush hush a couple weeks ago.

Lesnar will likely announce his return, possibly with a time frame. In the past week, two of Lesnar’s coaches – Greg Nelson and Marty Morgan – have said Lesnar would be returning, hinting it would be soon but saying they couldn’t confirm when. Others close to the situation have noted it has not been an easy decision for Lesnar to make; without having major surgery, there is a risk of another painful attack.

Lesnar, who has not fought since the record-setting UFC 100 event last July 11, when he defeated Frank Mir, had asked UFC and Dana White to keep his medical condition under wraps after a meeting with his doctor earlier in the month. The issue was whether he would need, or it would be advisable, to get surgery on his intestine, which would keep him out of action for more than a year. Such a lengthy absence would force him to vacate the heavyweight championship.

Basically, if he has the surgery, he’s out for a year plus. If he doesn’t, he could return soon, but risks getting seriously ill again. Hopefully we’ll out tomorrow which he chose.