Jay Hieron

“This is still a good fight for me. Riggs has a great name and he’s fought on all the big shows. At this point, all I want to do is fight big-name guys. Riggs qualifies as that. This fight is very important for me and I’m not going to worry about Diaz or the title or anyone else until after this fight is over…There have been no shortcuts for me and it hasn’t been an easy road and I haven’t had a lot of lucky breaks. I’ve had to take the hard road and work my way to this point. There have been a lot of obstacles in my way, but overcoming those obstacles helped me to become who I am…Randy has one of the great mental games in sports. I’ve picked up a lot from him and the one thing I know for sure I have to do is concentrate completely on what is in front of me. Right now, that’s Joe Riggs. If you want to talk to me about title shots or anything else, do it after [my fight with] Riggs. I’m in great shape and in a great frame of mind and I’m 100 percent ready for Joe Riggs and I have no concern about anything else.”

—Jay Hieron telling Kevin Iole he’s putting his promised title shot on the back burner to focus on his upcoming fight against Joe Riggs

There you have it. Jay Hieron isn’t going to bitch and whine about not getting the title shot against Nick Diaz Strikeforce promised him back when he signed with them last summer. He’s putting his head down and concentrating on taking out Joe Riggs so Strikeforce will have no choice but to give him the Diaz-Zaromskis winner. If he beats Riggs, he deserves it. It’s that simple.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime