Wanderlei Silva KO's Rampage Jackson

“I believe the years of war inside the ring made Wanderlei know all the pathway of the adrenaline. Today, we drive this ancient and efficient style for what he does better, that is being himself inside the ring, and more important, do what made him the icon of the martial arts. I believe this is going to be the return of the Mr Pride…The work has been done for this reason and nothing will change its direction. So many technique sessions, much information, a lot of attacks and defenses not only in Muay Thai, but regarding everything that can happen when mixed up. I’m very happy with this camp because we’re stressing specific workouts without forgetting his cardio. But I repeat, the priority is the technique with 100% of cardio put in the sparring sessions, where I can activate Wanderlei.”

—Wanderlei Silva’s longtime trainer, Rafael Cordeiro, via Fighters Only, predicting we will the see the return of “Mr. Pride” at UFC 110

Yikes, Michael Bisping better watch out if that’s the case. Bisping said he’s going to “crush The Axe Murderer” like Rampage did at UFC 92, but if PRIDE Wand shows up, then that must mean the only thing that’s going to get crushed is Bisping’s face from a barrage of knees like Rampage ate at PRIDE 28. Am I right?

Check out Wand talking about his training and diet for UFC 110 with former Octagon girl Amber Nicole Miller below.

Video tip via BE