Fabricio Werdum

With Alistair Overeem off overseas doing whatever Alistair Overeem does, all signs have pointed to Fabricio Werdum getting the next crack at Fedor Emelianenko. And now according to Werdum himself, the fight is “99% confirmed.”

“The fight against Fedor is 99% confirmed to April 16th. I have three months to train to the most important fight of my life. I already have a strategy set. I can’t submit a guy like Fedor in the arm, in the leg, he would never tap… I’ll make history. Beat Fedor doesn’t mean I’m better than him, because he’s the man, but I’ll be better than him in that night.”

Kudos to Werdum for managing to declare impending victory and give Fedor major respect all in the same breath. I’d love to know what his strategy is though, because if Werdum doesn’t think he can submit Fedor, how does he expect to win?

Hmm…maybe if he had Superman’s super breath he could freeze him into submission…oh wait, nevermind, that won’t work either.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime