Brock Lesnar is coming back.

Thanks to what Lesnar described as a “miracle” during an appearance on SportsCenter this morning, Brock will not need major surgery that would have removed his a part of his colon and effectively ended his career.

Lesnar said he lost nearly 40 pounds after missing nearly three weeks of training camp and during an 11-day hospitalization and was told by multiple doctors that surgery was unavoidable. The champion said he continued to hold out hope that he could avoid an invasive procedure – which he says would have removed a portion of his colon and would have been career-ending – and through what he classified as “a miracle,” a follow-up appointment on Jan. 5 showed his body had begun to heal itself.

“[The doctors] were dumbfounded,” Lesnar said. “They couldn’t find any problem in my stomach. It’s just a miracle to me.

“I actually had to go to the doctor yesterday before I came out here and get another CT scan on my stomach because I just still can’t believe it.”

“Lets be clear with that: I still am the UFC heavyweight champion,” Lesnar said.

Dana White, who appeared with Lesnar on SportsCenter, did not name a specific date or event for Brock’s return but did expect him back in the Octagon sometime this summer. He will face the Mir-Carwin winner from UFC 111, and if for some reason the winner is unable to face Lesnar this summer, the Nogueira-Velasquez winner would get the nod. Lesnar says he has already regained 30 pounds since being sick.

A conference call is scheduled for later today to shed further light on the situation.

Update: Added video of their appearance above.