Georges St. PierreI can tell you who I wouldn’t want to be March 27 and that’s Dan Hardy.


Because Georges St. Pierre, who has already proved to be one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in MMA, is “bigger, more powerful and more explosive” than he’s ever been.

Right now I’m about 190lbs. I’m bigger and I’m getting even bigger than I was, more powerful, and more explosive. I hit much harder. We have been working on a lot of different stuff to make me hit harder and to give me more power on my strikes. It’s going to change a lot of things.

I’m not satisfied about my ratio of knockouts. I have knockouts, but I want to bring my ratio up. I’m more powerful than I was, and by being more powerful I’m faster as well. Power is strength and speed together.

GSP’s trainer, Firas Zahabi, echoed those statements and even said he wants to bring in Gegard Mousasi as a sparring partner for GSP since guys his own size can’t even make him sweat anymore.

It’s getting scary. Georges is getting better and better, believe it or not. If I compare him to last year he is far beyond where he was. He’s a very scary individual. I can’t even put him in with anybody his size. I have to bring in guys who are much bigger, much stronger. I had Nate Marquardt and Rashad Evans come in last week to challenge Georges. It’s getting very tricky now. I can’t put him with another welterweight because there is no other welterweight right now I can bring in who can make Georges sweat. We’re looking to bring in Gegard Mousasi who is at 205 to work with Georges. I’m reaching out for big, strong guys to challenge him.

Scary indeed. Dan Hardy can talk all the trash he wants. UFC Primetime can make Hardy appear like a more formidable challenger than he is. But at the end of the day, when you’re talking about bringing in someone like Mousasi just to give GSP a challenge, Dan Hardy and every other welterweight for that matter should really start to worry.

That permanent step up to the middleweight division is starting sound more and more like the right move, at least for us fans who want to see GSP challenged again.

Below, GSP clarifies earlier statements about a run at the Olympics. Short version, he doesn’t think he’s close to being ready nor does he sounds like he’s going to try.

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