Just one of Krazy Horse's many mugshots
Just one of Krazy Horse's many mugshots

Geez, after being arrested for everything from drug charges to kidnapping, you would think Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett would have finally learned from his mistakes and done everything in his power to stay out of trouble.

Apparently not. Bennett has been arrested once again, this time for beating up a sparring partner with a freakin’ metal pipe.

FIT NHB representative Tom Vaughn told Sherdog.com via e-mail that Bennett was involved in an altercation with a teammate on Jan. 16.

“During routine sparring, tempers flared between Charles and the other fighter, and Charles ended up getting dropped by the larger training partner,” wrote Vaughn. “They were quickly broken up and Charles left the mat, got dressed and left the building. He returned about 15 minutes later, walked down to the training area and pulled out a heavy piece of steel he must have found in the parking lot and began attacking the other fighter (from behind) with intent to do serious damage. He was tackled by two other fighters and disarmed.”

Vaughn said the incident occurred during a pro training session, though women and children were entering the building at the time for a regular class that followed and might have seen the attack. Vaughn said the assaulted fighter is “OK,” and that Bennett, who’d trained with FIT NHB off and on for six months, would no longer be a part of the gym’s fight team.

With Krazy Horse’s criminal past I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be spending more quality time in jail. That’s what happens when you’ve already struck out like six or seven times.