Rampage's Audi R8 wrecked

In an ironic twist of fate, Rampage Jackson was on the wrong end of a car wreck in Orange County earlier today.

According to TMZ, Rampage was driving a shiny new black Audi R8 (MSRP $114,200 – $155,100) home from the dealership when an elderly woman rear ended him with her “very not expensive black car.” Rampage seems to be taking the accident in stride and is just happy the woman who hit him is okay.

Rampage tells TMZ police arrived on scene and cleared him of all wrongdoing. The UFC fighter added, “I am thankful and happy no one was hurt. I tried to make sure the elderly woman that hit my car was OK … she didn’t speak much English, but I could see she wasn’t hurt in any way.”

As for his own condition, Rampage said, “I am fine, the little old lady is fine, but my car got hurt, and for that I’m sad.”

Rampage also came out of the accident unscathed and uninjured.

That’s karma for you I suppose.