Brock LesnarWhat do you know? Brock Lesnar wasn’t back for more than a few minutes before he managed to piss someone off. Yeah, the Canadian hospital that Brock Lesnar likened to a “third-world country” didn’t exactly care for the champ bashing their facility and Canada’s health care system in the ESPN interview and subsequent teleconference.

“I take real exception to being referred to as a third-world country operation…The attending physician was very qualified and very respected. He’s been in the business for more than 30 years. And he has the skills to diagnose a condition such as diverticulitis without a CT scan…We have checked this particular health record and were are quite confident that the correct diagnosis was given and the best course of treatment offered. We have state-of-art equipment here. We are hardly a one-horse operation…Who knows, maybe he didn’t like the bill…I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to compare ourselves to the Mayo Clinic, they’re the experts. But I really take exception to someone giving us that kind of media coverage for their own political reasons.”

Here’s a story for you. When I was in college I got very sick with something different for four months straight. Extremely out of the ordinary for me. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I suspected it might be something serious and was definitely worried. I didn’t have a doctor at the time so I went to a friend’s doctor. And without running any tests or anything, the PA (not even the doctor mind you, never met him) tells me I “probably have leukemia or AIDS,” which let me tell you was frightening to hear. Thank God it turned out I didn’t, it was like a vitamin deficiency or something minor, but needless to say, I hightailed it out of there and found a different doctor.

Point being, when you’re worried and scared that something is seriously wrong with you, and you don’t feel like you’re getting competent health care, you’re not going to have anything good to say about them after the fact. Trust me, I could make Dana White blush with my comments on that PA. Now did Brock take it too far with his remarks? Yes. Should he have used it to push his own political views on health care reform? No, but after hearing his story, I can definitely see where he is coming from and why he was so prickly about it.

Story tip via MMA Mania