Don Frye

“I tell you what: Anybody who fights an [expletive] like James Toney or Herschel Walker or Jose Canseco or any of them other [expletives] that come into our sport at their age should be required to take them down and break as many bones as possible on them and keep them crippled for six-to-eight weeks…I’d break both their [expletive] arms so they’d have to hire somebody to wipe their ass for the next six-to-eight weeks. It should be a requirement…That’s why nobody respects this sport, and it’s just a circus act right now. They have these morons come in at the age they should be sitting in the retirement home, and they walk in and get a high-dollar fight.”

—Don Frye on MMA Junkie Radio telling everyone how he really feels about aged athletes trying to break into MMA

Can’t blame Frye for getting angry every time he hears about a well past-his-prime professional athlete getting a big payday in MMA because they have a recognizable name. When Frye was in his prime purses were a small fraction of what they are now, and now he’s at an age where he risks severely diminishing his quality of life every time he steps in the cage just for a decent size paycheck. If guys like Toney and Canseco actually added something to the sport, it would be one thing, but considering they don’t in the slightest, yeah, I’d be pissed too.

You can always count on Don Frye to tell it how it really is.

Image via Sherdog