Gegard MousasiGeorges St. Pierre is definitely not taking his training camp for Dan Hardy lightly. GSP’s head trainer, Firas Zahabi, recently expressed interest in bringing in Gegard Mousasi as a new sparring partner for Georges, and it looks like he made it happen. Mousasi is scheduled to spend the next two weeks training with GSP, and appears to be nervous, yet excited about the experience.

“I am nervous being away from my family and friends for two weeks and I don’t think of it like Georges is calling me for help. I think he is a great athlete that wants to train with different fighters to improve himself.”

“To be honest, I’m curious about everything, curious how he does things and if I have to say something specific that would be how he puts everything together to be able to take down opponents with ease.”

Hopefully some footage of those sparring sessions leak out. I’d be very curious to see how St. Pierre handles Mousasi and visa versa.

As for Mousasi’s next US fight, he’ll likely fight on Strikeforce’s April CBS card, but with Dan Henderson likely fighting Jake Shields for the middleweight title, Mousasi needs an opponent. Strikeforce is apparently considering granting King Mo’s wish and giving him a light heavyweight title shot, but nothing has been decided yet. Mousasi doesn’t seem too concerned if that’s the direction they go in. With the exception of his wrestling pedigree, Mousasi doesn’t think Lawal holds any advantages over him.

“He’s undefeated. He’s confident, obviously. He has also proven himself in wrestling, from what I’ve heard. I think he does his homework. Style-wise he matches up very well for me and I think he feels the same way about my fight style against him.”

“Basically, if he wants to take me down, he has to set the takedown with punches. I don’t see that happening. In the clinch, I’m much better with inside boxing, with knees, kicks. I’ve never seen him kick, so I see a lot of advantages. His only advantage, basically, is the wrestling and he has good ground-and-pound, but I feel I have the same ground-and-pound, so I don’t see any advantage that he has over me.”

I tend to agree with Mousasi. King Mo has been impressive in his short career, but he hasn’t faced anyone as well-rounded and talented as Mousasi yet. Giving him a title shot now might be too much, too soon, but considering Strikeforce’s light heavyweight division is about as deep as a wading pool, they don’t have too many other options.