Ed Soares & Lyoto Machida

“I just spoke with him and he’s already started hitting pads and hitting mits, and he says his hand feels great…Before even the Rashad fight it was bothering him, and in between the Rashad and Shogun fights he went to a specialist down in Brazil. The specialist kind of pointed out the problems with it…He had that mentality the show must go on. He just kind of roughed through it, but he said that this last training camp leading up to the Shogun fight there were a lot of times where he had problems. It would be hurting during training when he hit, and once he went to the specialist here they looked at it and they took care of it…There were actually four parts on his hand, some bone spurs that they needed to take out of there. They actually found a little bone fragment in there too.”

—Lyoto Machida’s manager, Ed Soares, confirming with MMA Weekly that the UFC light heavyweight champ’s hand is healed

Good to hear Lyoto is back to 100%. Hopefully Machida and Shogun show up at UFC 113 as injury-free as possible. We need a definitive conclusion from the rematch, not more questions.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com