Chuck Liddell

“I don’t think I have anything to prove, but I would like to prove [White] wrong. I’m not too old. I can still fight…Randy, they were glad he retired after I knocked him out twice. He had never been knocked out in his career. I knocked him dead the second time, and everyone went, ‘Oh, it’s over. He’s done. He’s too old now.’ He came back, and he’s still fighting. He won the heavyweight title. I just needed some time off…I miss fighting. I miss competing. I miss sparring, too. I was giving my head a rest for a year, and I wouldn’t let people hit me. I might not make it all the way to a year. I might have to spar with some of these [contestants on ‘TUF 11’]. But I feel good. I just felt I was getting hurt by stuff that normally wouldn’t hurt me…I’ve cleaned up some stuff, so hopefully there won’t be as many openings for people. This style of fighting, there’s always something that can happen. But I’ve made a lot of those holes a lot smaller and harder to get into…At this point, I’d like another fight after (Ortiz). Hopefully Dana’s happy with me if I get two wins, and I’d like a shot at a contender and then a shot at the the title. That’s four fights…That’s about as far forward as I’ve thought. But that’s what I’d like to do.”

—Chuck Liddell, via MMA Junkie, explaining why he came back and his plans moving forward

There you have it, Chuck Liddell doesn’t plan on calling it quits after the Tito Ortiz fight. He hopes to get three wins and put himself back into title contention. Whether he’s actually able to do that is the question, and unfortunately, I don’t think another Tito beatdown is going to give us the answer. If Chuck’s going to get there, he’s going to have to start knocking dudes out again, and he hasn’t done that since, well, the last time he fought Tito. I’m not overly optimistic he will, but I’m down for watching him try. After all, this is the “Iceman” we’re talking about.

Image via Sherdog. Video via FIGHT! Magazine.