Wanderlei SilvaThings are starting to heat up between Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping with their fight at UFC 110 about a month away. They’ve been going back and forth a little bit in interviews for the past few weeks, and yesterday MMA Bay was able to get the two of them together on their radio show. They’re still being civil for the most part, but I get the sense that the tension in building and they’re running out of patience with each other. Here’s a few highlights.

Speaking this week’s show, Wanderlei was asked if he respected Michael Bisping and said:

“Respect is only for outside the octagon. Inside the octagon I respect nobody. What I’m thinking is Michael will be afraid to fight with me in the stand-up, because his punches haven’t knocked out anybody and he’s going to try to give me the double leg with the head outside. He’ll have just one takedown, I know which way he’s going, I have my game plan to beat him in this style.”

Bisping responded to that by saying:

“First of all he needs to do his homework and look at my record, there’s plenty of knockouts on there. If he feels I haven’t got the power in my hands then come spar with me, come hold pad for me. We’ve got a fight on the night and he’ll discover that. I’m not saying this cockily, I’m just stating the facts. I have got power in my hands, believe me. Ask the sparring partners I’ve been knocking out. I’ve got one takedown, that’s laughable, I’ve got several takedowns. I’m not afraid to fight Wanderlei, this is what he keeps saying. I’ve never been afraid to fight Wanderlei or anyone. I’m a professional fighter, this is what I do for a living. I enjoy fighting, I enjoy the challenge and I’ve never been afraid of anything, of any man. I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna train my arse off and I plan on winning the fight. To say that I’m afraid is ridiculous.”

When asked whether he can take anything from Dan Henderson’s recent knockout win over Bisping, Wanderlei said:

“Yes, Dan Henderson showed me the way. I’m just going to copy Dan Henderson.”

Bisping soon responded by saying:

“Do I think there’s holes and areas I can exploit? Of course I do. I think there’s many areas. I think to be honest he’s a bit of a one trick pony. He comes out there and swings with punches, he throws a few kicks, he throws a few knees but other than that you haven’t got to worry about too much.”

When asked if he had anything he’d like to finish with, Wanderlei quipped:

“All I gotta say is good luck cos he’s gonna need it (laughs)”

Not to be outdone, Bisping made it clear he was not impressed by “The Axe Murderer’s” comments:

“I think the award for most original line in the fight game definitely goes to Wanderlei on that one.”

Apparently, something pissed Wand off towards the end of the show and he had a huge outburst, but I couldn’t get the audio player to work so I’m not sure what he said or what set him off. Whatever it was, I hope it really lit a fire under his ass, because we really haven’t seen the scary Wanderlei Silva since he left PRIDE. Win or lose, that’s the Wand I want to see at UFC 110. The one with the eyes of an “Axe Murderer” violently shaking ready to rip someone’s head off. If anyone can bring that back out of him, it’s Michael Bisping.

Image via Sherdog