Michael Bisping

Remember when Dan Henderson said Michael Bisping “hits like a bitch” after he knocked him out at UFC 100? Yeah, well not anymore says a member of Bisping’s training camp. According to him, Bisping has been putting dudes to sleep during “fight or near-fight intensity” sparring sessions.

Bisping has been engaging in hard sparring sessions over the last couple of weeks and our source says he “has knocked two of sparring partners out that we brought in for him. I mean clean out, proper sleepy-time knockouts” . One of those two sparring partners is known to have outweighed him considerably.

Fighters Only has also learned that professional boxers and MMA fighters of considerable experience have been employed as sparring partners, and the reports from these closed-door sessions – which are conducted at fight or near-fight intensity – indicate that Bisping is at his all-time peak as a fighter.

Apparently, Bisping’s camp believes this is exactly how he’s going to beat Wanderlei Silva. He’s going to knock him out cold just like Rampage, Hendo and Cro Cop did. I can understand those heavy hitters doing it, but Bisping? I’ll believe it when I see it. I mean this is the guy who has traditionally tried to outpoint his opponents on the feet. Just saying…