Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin is expected to take on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 113, but judging by his thoughts on the match-up before he took it, it’s not a fight he’s particularly crazy about.

Mike: Speaking of other fights, Lil Nog said he would like a fight with you. Is that something you’d be interested in?

Forrest: That is a horrible fight for me. I have trained with his brother a little bit, so he already has the “inside scoop” on me, he’s a southpaw, has got a good chin, and has good power. Plus he is pretty solid on the ground. The only place I would have an advantage would be wrestling… and my wrestling is not that good. SO yeah, that’s a tough matchup for me. I’d do it, if that’s what they wanted, but being straight up, there are other guys I’d rather fight.

I don’t think the match-up is as “horrible” as Forrest makes it sound, but it’s definitely going to be a tough fight for him. Lil’ Nog has good boxing, great ji-jitsu and a solid chin. Forrest doesn’t have the power to knock him out, and even though he has an underrated jiu-jitsu game, it’s extremely unlikely he’s going to submit a Nogueira. That doesn’t mean he can’t win, he just doesn’t have as many weapons to finish the fight as Lil’ Nog does.

Image via Sherdog. Tip via WKR.