Cagewriter caught up with Wes Sims after his loss to Bobby Lashley this past Saturday night at Strikeforce “Miami.” He was pretty pissed off claiming it was two against one — him against Lashley and the ref. Sims thought it was an early stoppage, plus he claims Lashley held his thumb against his throat, something the ref wouldn’t do anything about.

Then came the steroid allegations, though they weren’t based solely on Lashley’s jacked up physique. Sims says some of Lashley’s peers in the pro wrestling world who he’s good friends with told him.

“He’s juiced. We did not have a drug test. And his own wrestlers threw him under the bus. I’m good friends with a lot of wrestlers.”

Of course, Sims refused to name names and apparently the FSBC didn’t administer a drug test either so really we’re just left with another steroid allegation that can’t be verified. What else is new?