Benji Radach

You don’t want to tear a pectoral muscle. That’s what Benji Radach did while training with Jay Silva recently, and he had to undergo a pretty wild surgical procedure to fix it . Check this out.

“Jay and I were just grappling and I did a pretty rugged workout in the morning, so my body was pretty tight I think. I was just getting back into training pretty heavy, and I started this new workout in the morning, and it’s pretty rugged on the body. So I think my body and my chest and my shoulder were already pretty tight and I warmed up, but I’m not sure if I warmed up enough. It was like the very beginning, we were going to do wrestling takedowns.”

“My arm locked out on his head and it just straightened my arm out and tore my pec from my bone to my shoulder,” said Radach. “It balled up in the center of my chest and it was pretty nasty.”

“I went in and got an MRI and it confirmed that it was torn from the bone,” stated Radach. “They had to drill a bunch of holes in the bone, and put some wire in the tissue, weaved it through the muscle and so they had a bunch of strings hanging off the tips of the meat. Then they put those strings through the bone, and scar up the bone so it bleeds and the tissue as well and pull it nice and tight, tie it behind the bone, and those wires and strings will stay in to help it stay strong. They said it would be a rock solid surgery and recovery, and that it would be stronger than before.”

What really sucks is Radach had just recovered from a broken hand and a knee injury and then this happened. Radach has to wait six weeks before he can do any training with his upper body and actually expects to be back in the cage in about seven months. If you ask me that’s pretty awesome considering his pec resembled a fruit roll-up a week or two ago.