After 15 long hours since being hacked, I think I finally have the site restored. Seriously, worst experience I’ve ever had in my life involving a computer. Don’t wish it on my worst enemy. The good news is I’m 99.9% sure the site is back to normal, but if you see anything weird or not working, please let me know. The bad news we lost all of Tuesday’s content. I managed to manually repost everything from Wednesday but the all the comments are gone. If you left one, I apologize, but it just couldn’t be saved.

Mentally, I feel like I just got mauled by Brock Lesnar for five rounds, so I hope you don’t mind but instead of not sleeping and writing a day’s worth of posts in the next few hours I’m just going to post links here of all the stories I would have posted on. I may revisit a few of these tomorrow (Friday) depending on how slow the news cycle is.

WEC’s Reed Harris Offers Details on WEC’s First Pay-Per-View Event

Dana White Talks UFC 109, Sonnen’s Comments, WEC Pay-Per-View Decision

Mark Coleman Has Been Going Through Some Times

Dana White: UFC 109 co-headliners Marquardt and Sonnen fighting for title shot

UFC 109 Media Workout Highlight Video

Dana White: Final Chapter in Liddell-Ortiz Trilogy Likely at UFC 115

Dana White: ‘I never stepped in and had an intervention with Chuck Liddell’

Dana White confirms Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione on tap for UFC 113

White Scoffs at Strikeforce Threat, White doesn’t care if WEC PPV battles Strikeforce on CBS

Dana White: ‘Strikeforce Is a Lower-Level Show’

Cesar Gracie Seriously Wants to Train Jose Canseco

Herschel Walker on Inside the NFL talking about his MMA career and Jose Canseco

Dana White Not Pleased With Media Coverage of Herschel Walker

Dana White talks expansion in China

Strikeforce: Miami draws 7,010 For $300,000

Dana White: Nick Diaz Won’t Return to UFC Until He Learns to Play the Game

Thanks for your patience guys. This certainly wasn’t planned.