MoneyThe FSBC has released the fighter payouts for Strikeforce “Miami.” Keep in mind, these figures represent the base contracted pay the fighter receives from the promotion. These figures do not include any additional undisclosed bonuses or sponsorship money, which in many cases exceeds a fighter’s base pay. These numbers also do not account for taxes, insurance, and license fees.

Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler earned the largest disclosed paychecks at $100,000 each. Jay Hieron was actually the closest behind them with $65,000 followed by Bobby Lashley with $50,000. Cris Cyborg, the lone fighter defending a championship on the card, only earned $35,000 after her win and “championship” bonuses. Women’s pay still has a way to go it seems if you’re not Gina Carano, though $35k is more than many of the WEC champions have earned in the past couple years.

There were a few numbers that didn’t seem right and probably don’t tell the entire story, especially in Herschel Walker’s case. According to the commission’s numbers, he only received $600, however Scott Coker told MMA Junkie he would receive a “six-figure” payday which he was donating to charity. Meanwhile, Melvin Manhoef only made $5,000 which seems quite low for the combat sports veteran, and Marloes Coenen only earned $2,000 for fighting for a title. Like I said, I suspect both made more in other forms not disclosed by the commission.


Courtesy of MMA Junkie:

  • Nick Diaz: $100,000 (no win bonus)
    Marius Zaromskis: $30,000
  • Cris “Cyborg” Santos: $35,000 ($15k + $15k win bonus + $5k “championship” bonus)
    Marloes Coenen: $2,000
  • Herschel Walker: $600 (no win bonus)
    Greg Nagy: $5,000
  • Robbie Lawler: $100,000 (no win bonus)
    Melvin Manhoef: $5,000
  • Bobby Lashley: $50,000 (no win bonus)
    Wes Sims: $25,000
  • Jay Hieron: $65,000 ($30k + $35k)
    Joe Riggs: $30,000
  • Micahel Byrnes: $2,000 ($1k + $1k)
    David Zitnik: $1,500
  • Joe Ray: $1,500 ($500 + $1k)
    John Clarke: $1,000
  • David Gomez: $2,000 ($1k + $1k)
    Craig Oxley: $1,500
  • Pablo Alfonso: $3,000 ($1.5k + $1.5k)
    Marcos DaMatta: $2,500
  • Hayder Hassan: $2,000 ($1k + $1k)
    Ryan Keenan: $2,000
  • John Kelly: $2,000 ($1k + $1k)
    Sabah Homasi: $1,000

Total Payout

A disclosed total of $469,600, including bonuses, was paid out to the fighters.