I have only been around for a couple weeks but I can see why BJ has looked so great in his last few fights. Marv and Gary Marinovich are on top of things here. Last time I was out it was a much looser training regiment but that is no longer the case. There is a lot of structure and a LOT of hard work going on around here. BJ amazes me all the time because even when I think he can’t get much better, he continues to find new ways to make big jumps in his training. I say all the time that I think BJ is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, and his continual progression is the reason he stays on top…On top of all the great stuff I have learned to do from Marv and Gary… I have really learned a lot of things NOT to do. Apparently I am not much of an athlete… because I do pretty much every activity with the worst form they have ever seen. I have horrible flexibility and I am just a nightmare. As Marv put it though: “Imagine what you will be able to do when you become a real athlete.” I guess that just means I have a lot of room for improvement, right? I have made good improvements compared to how I started out though. I will have a LOT of time to improve on things before August rolls around anyways.

—Joe Lauzon blogging about the positive changes in BJ Penn’s training camps

The Marinovich brothers have truly had a profound impact on the way BJ Penn prepares for his fights and his career as a whole. It was the missing ingredient that allowed him to reach his potential and push his ceiling even higher. Penn has proved he’s far above of the rest of the pack in the lightweight division, but the time is coming, perhaps sooner than anticipated, when Penn will return to 170 lbs. and make another run for the welterweight title. He found success there before, but hit a brick wall twice against Georges St. Pierre. I was completely against a third GSP-Penn fight, but if the Marinovich brothers can keep Penn performing  at the same level he’s been performing at 155 lbs., I’m down to see him try one last time. He’ll have to earn it though, no immediate title shots this time around.

By the way, props to Joe Lauzon for taking Marv’s remarks in stride. I’m sure a lot of guys would have told him where to stick it.