He’s a solid fighter, perhaps more than solid. I never heard about him before I came to the UFC, and before I saw his fight against Arlovski. He was fighting in US shows, very experienced with 37-40 fights? He has some 10-15 kilograms on me, some height too. I’ve seen some of his fights, i focused on the last two. He lost both, but that doesn’t mean anything, he lost against Arlovski, he gave him a very hard time. He’s dangerous on the ground, I’ll have to avoid going to the ground with him, not because of the submissions, but because of his ground and pound. He’s very good at that. he landed a few nasty blows on Arlovski, I’ll have to be on the lookout for that. The rest of his game… he’s not a kicker, although I’ve seen one high kick attempt from him, he is a good boxer, charges forward. His tempo’s not so good… we’ll see. I’m ready and I can’t wait for the fight…Yes it does. that’s how it is, there are fighters like Barnett i can beat 10 times out of 10, but on the other hand, there are fighters that don’t suit me well and can always beat me. But I believe Rothwell is a good match up for me.

—Mirko Cro Cop in an interview with Nokaut, via Fighters Only, talking about his upcoming opponent, Ben Rothwell, at UFC 110

Cro Cop seems to know what he has to do at UFC 110 to “justify his reputation” as he put it in the interview. He seems to have put in all the hard work in the gym. On paper, he should beat Ben Rothwell. He just has to go out there and execute. Problem is it’s never that simple with Mirko which is exactly why I’ll be watching the fight like this.