Dana White does not approve of all the attention Herschel Walker has gotten from mainstream media outlets like ESPN while his guys like GSP, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida can’t get any. He scoffs at the idea of Herschel Walker in the UFC and goes as far as saying it would result in the first death in the Octagon.

“Herschel Walker is like 50 years old and it’s a cool little fun hobby. You know what makes me crazy is the media attention it got. ESPN will cover Herschel Walker fighting when you got guys like George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Brock Lesnar, and B.J. Penn. All these great athletes that have been training for years and are the best in the sport and you are talking about Herschel Walker? Then you start talking about Walker possibly fighting Jose Canseco? Oh my god, give me a break…You know what would happen to Herschel Walker over here? It would be the first death in MMA.”