Man, Monte Cox is not having much luck getting his Andrenaline MMA main events approved by the athletic commissions. You probably remember last year’s Adrenaline debacle when New Jersey’s athletic commission rejected the proposed Tim Sylvia vs. Ray Mercer boxing match before Cox decided to take it to the unregulated waters of Alabama where it turned into an MMA fight at the last minute. Well, once again another main event involving Tim Sylvia has been rejected. This time the Ohio athletic commission turned down a proposed Tim Sylvia vs. Wes Sims fight because they didn’t feel it was competitive enough.

Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato ruled the bout “non-competitive” and informed Adrenaline promoter Monte Cox that it would not be sanctioned.

“The commission felt the fight was not going to be competitive at this time after comparing [Sims’ and Sylvia’s] records and the opponents both fighters had faced,” Profato stated in an email response. “And even though it was 2004, Sylvia previously stopped Sims at 1:36 of the first round.”

Cox won’t be taking his show back to Alabama this time though. He’s already lined up Brandon Lee Hinkle to replace Sims, and yes, Hinkle has been approved to fight Sylvia. Sims will remain on the Adrenaline V card. He’ll take on Kerry Schall.

Image via Sherdog