It wasn’t the most epic trash-talking you’ve ever heard, but Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping definitely made the UFC 110 pre-fight press conference a little more interesting than it would have been without them. They’ve tried to keep it civil over the past couple months, but the animosity has been slowly building and finally came to a head.

Bisping fired the first shot at the podium.

“Wanderlei’s been very vocal about me, how he doesn’t like me,” Bisping said. “I’ve got nothing but respect for him as a fighter. Can’t say the same about him personally after some of the comments I’ve heard.”

Silva fired back when he took the stage.

“We’re going to stop talking,” Silva said. “Talking is the easy part of the show. He’s talking a lot, I’m talking a lot but now we’re going to see Saturday. We’ll have a great show and I’m going to kick your ass.”

Even Bisping seemed to realize that he had been verbally bested, saying, of Silva’s comments, “Best line ever.”

Later in the press conference, a reporter asked Wand what he thought about Bisping saying he could potentially end his career Saturday night. Wand thought it was funny, at which point Bisping jumped in.

“You do need to win fights, Wanderlei,” interrupted Bisping. “You haven’t been doing much of that lately.”

The next time Bisping tried to interrupt, he was met with a swift “shut up” from The Axe Murderer. When asked why he didn’t like Bisping, Wand couldn’t put his finger on it, but figures it must be something because no one likes him.

“I don’t know what the reason (is),” said Silva. “It’s not just me. Everybody doesn’t like him.”

Bisping says he respects Wand as a fighter, but apparently, that sentiment isn’t shared by his camp. Anthony McGann, head of the Wolfslair, took a few shots at Wanderlei’s style in the Countdown to UFC 110 preview show.

“Wanderlei didn’t learn nothing in Japan. He has never changed in whatever it is, 50 million fights. It’s the same thing. He’s not evolving. He’s not getting his game up…Wanderlei throws wild, crazy hooks. For someone like Michael who’s seasoned, they’re not the hardest things in the world to avoid…We’ve been here before (referencing Rampage Jackson). A year ago, same [expletive] different day.”

The Wolfslair’s wrestling coach, Zach Light, says they won’t hesitate to throw down with Wand.

“We have no problem trading punches with Wanderlei Silva. Quote me on that,” said Light. “You’re gonna see it. We’re gonna put our chin down and put our hands up. We’re gonna slug it out with this guy.”

Of course, the Wolfslair has also been trumpeting Rampage Jackson as their not-so-secret weapon. He’ll be cornering Bisping Saturday night, but if you ask Wand, that plan is going to backfire.

“Seeing [Jackson] there will make me more hungry to beat (Bisping),” Silva said. “Maybe I’ll beat the one and then after, the other. Two for the price of one.”

Pick your side. This one’s going to be a war.

Wanderlei Silva & Michael Bisping at UFC 110 Pre-Fight Press Conference

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