With the Wand-Bisping storyline front and center entering UFC 110, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Wanderlei Silva is making his middleweight debut Saturday night. There’s questions surrounding the move. Will he lose any of his power? Will he be weakened or sluggish fighting at a weight he’s never fought at before? We won’t know for sure until Saturday, but Wand says he feels good fighting at 185 lbs. and the cut won’t be an issue.

“In these last days of my training I’ll lose my last weight,” Silva told the Cumberland Courier. “I feel good. This morning I weighed 89 kilos (196 pounds) and I’ll lose my last kilos this week before they check my weight Saturday.”

“I’ll fight in both divisions, 185 and 205,” Silva said. “I feel good. That’s a choice for the boss, where Dana wants me to fight. It’s no problem.”

It’s a move that’s supposed to reinvigorate his career. As a huge Wand fan, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the weight and the match-up.