Not that this will come as a surprise to anyone, but Kevin Iole is reporting that Mirko Cro Cop is in serious danger of being cut by the UFC if he loses tonight against Anthony Perosh. Not only is the UFC disappointed in his performances in the Octagon, but they’re apparently getting a little tired with his lack of cooperation with the media.

Filipovic fights late replacement Anthony Perosh on Saturday (Sunday in Australia) in the opener of the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 110. “He hasn’t done great,” White said of Filipovic’s UFC bouts. “Like I said, he’s a guy I respect because of his accomplishments. But we have some in-depth conversations, he and I. I’m real interested to see how [his fight] goes.”

“When there’s a press conference, you can’t find him,” White said. “He’s like Batman. He gets lost and you just can’t find the guy. It’s like you have to send out a Bat Signal to find him. I’m in a business where I deal with lots of different personalities, lots of different egos. There’s a lot of crazy [expletive] I deal with, and I try to deal with each guy a different way.

“Brock Lesnar wanted what he got and he had to come in and prove himself. Mirko Cro Cop didn’t. Mirko Cro Cop, everybody knew what this guy accomplished and what he had done. … Mirko has made a lot of money and he lives in Croatia somewhere. He’s a different animal, he really is. He’ll always be a part of the UFC history, but he hasn’t been the guy maybe we thought he might be. It would be good to see him prove what he can do.”

While Cro Cop may be in a must-win situation tonight, chances are he’s going to win rather easily. Even though he hasn’t lived up to his potential in the Octagon, he’s won all his fights against clearly outmatched opponents since he debuted with the organization in 2007. Tonight shouldn’t be any different.

Meanwhile, Dana says that Stephan Bonnar and Wanderlei Silva will be with the promotion for life.

Moving on, Michael Rome of Bloody Elbow reported on a lawsuit between the UFC and Rampage Jackson. Here’s the gist of the dispute:

To boil the dispute down to simpler terms, the issue is Jackson’s current contract and when it ends. Jackson wants his period away from the UFC to count towards his contractual term; the UFC is arguing that since he retired they were able to properly suspend the term for that period.

Iole also reported that Rampage signed his bout agreement to face Rashad Evans at UFC 114 this weekend in Australia. It sounds like the UFC and Rampage are making amends because the lawsuit will likely be dropped now. Plus, Dana White admitted he was impressed with what he’s seen so far with the “A-Team” movie.

Jackson went ahead and did the movie, which White said “is a real movie. Watch the trailer of this thing and you’ll see, that’s a real, big-time movie. Some of these guys come to me and tell me they’re filming a movie and you see the thing and it’s like it was filmed on a little home camcorder. Rampage’s movie is not like that. It’s definitely the real thing.”

Sherdog has a complete list of notes from the UFC 110 Fight Club Q&A session you should check out too. My favorite is Dana proclaiming Herb Dean is the best referee in the history of the sport…

Video via Cagewriter