Just a quick heads up, UFC 110 coverage will likely be delayed tonight. I’m in a wedding later this evening and may not get back in time for the start of the show. I hope to get back soon enough to fast forward between fights and catch up, but I also just got notified that our host will be performing emergency maintenance on our servers late tonight, so it may not even matter if the site is down for an hour or so. I apologize in advance, but I’ll do my best to get results up ASAP.

Also, I might as well let you know now that I’ll be taking my first trip to New York City next week to scout out a potential move. I’ll be leaving Thursday and coming back late Sunday. I’m planning on taking my computer with me, but I probably won’t be posting much, if any, while I’m gone. Need a break from this thing every now and then. Hope you understand. I’ll post a reminder before I leave.