King Mo is not impressed with Gegard Mousasi’s trash talk (if that’s what you would call it). Mo says it’s corny as hell and makes him sound like Kermit the Frog.

“I could give a f*ck about what Mousasi impressed wit but once he wakes up, he gon be impressed wit my celebration! …That fool sound like Kermit da Frog. Talkin is done on my half. He a fake ass Fedor in my eyes, but he aint even close… And now he tryna b like GSP! Lol. He aint even athletic enuff 2 do half of what GSP do. Afta April Miss Piggy gon b dressed in black!”

King Mo clearly outclasses Mousasi in pre-fight hype, but it will be a different story once the cage door locks behind them. Mousasi and King Mo are rumored to fight on CBS in April, but as of now, nothing about the card has been officially announced, although there are a ton of crazy rumors floating around.

HT: MMA Mania