Jose Canseco has been criticized up and down for pursuing a fight with Herschel Walker. It’s nothing new to him though, he says he gets criticized if he “breathes wrong,” so don’t think the overwhelming negative reaction from the MMA community is going to convince Canseco to back off. The way he sees it, why shouldn’t he fight Herschel Walker?

“You’re wrong. I was doing it before Herschel. I think it would be a perfect match. We are individual athletes that were great at what we did. Why can’t we transcend it to another arena. It’s more of a celebrity, entertainment type deal. It’s a lot of fun. Why not do it?”

“Why not do it if you’re capalbe of doing it? I was a professional athlete, the best baseball player in the world at one point. The need to stay young, the need to stay active, the need to compete [are all reasons]. I think you want to try every sport possible just to experience life.”

“We would not go in there unless we’re properly trained. With [Gracie’s] training, with them behind you, with their support, you’re gonna see a real good fight.”

Canseco confirmed he met with Scott Coker a couple weeks ago, but it’s unclear if Strikeforce is actually giving him any serious consideration.