Josh Barnett wrestling Bob Sapp

Josh Barnett’s steroid appeal was pushed back for the fourth consecutive time yesterday when he failed to show up for a hearing with the CSAC. His attorney, who was present, was “shocked” when the commission said they couldn’t proceed without him.

“We’ve been diligently preparing to present Mr. Barnett’s case and his defense, and he was unable to be here today and we are extremely shocked and disappointed that the commission ruled that they would not go forward with the hearing without Mr. Barnett being present,” said Michael J. DiMaggio, an attorney representing Barnett. “It’s particularly surprising in light of the fact that we’re not aware of any rule or regulation that insists that he be here. Obviously, even criminal cases go forward without the accused present in some instances.”

What DiMaggio apparently didn’t know was the CSAC made it perfectly clear ahead of time that Barnett’s attendance was required.

Again Dodd countered by stating the original letter sent to Barnett outlined the manner in which he would have to proceed to regain his license to fight.

“The letter is very clear that you must appear before the commission,” Dodd said. “It doesn’t say anything else besides appear. You can bring counsel, but it says the word ‘appear’ in there.”

So where was Josh Barnett in all of this? Oh, he was in Japan wrestling Bob Sapp. And he wonders why the mega-contract offers aren’t rolling in.

His appeal has been rescheduled for April 20.