Stephan Bonnar & Krzysztof Soszynski

The ending of the Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski fight at UFC 110 was rather controversial. Bonnar and K-Sos inadvertently banged heads during an exchange which opened a nasty gash on Bonnar’s forehead. It was bleeding so much the fight was stopped and the referee gave the win to K-Sos thinking it was a legal punch that cut Bonnar. The replay however clearly showed the cut was a direct result of an accidental headbutt which should have sent the fight to the scorecards to determine the winner. Because of that, Bonnar intends to appeal the ruling.

“It’s only fair to get this overturned to a no contest or draw,” Bonnar said. “In the rules, if after two rounds a fighter suffers a cut from an illegal blow, they go to the scorecard. The judges had it one round a piece, which would have made it a draw.”

“Right after (it) happened, I pointed to my head and told [the ref], ‘Head butt,'” Bonnar said. “Why he didn’t look up at the replay, which they showed about 30 times, I have no idea.”

“Krzysztof acknowledged the cut was from a head butt and would like to finish the fight as well,” Bonnar said. “He was a good sport and a class act. We gave each other credit for a great fight. He knew the clash of heads opened the cut, and like myself would like a rematch. It just shows what kind of sportsman he is. He earned my respect as well.”

“I have never been wronged so bad in a situation that was so obvious,” he said. “I still can’t understand the referee. Yes, I will appeal this decision. I just want what is fair. How do 20,000, people including my opponent and the commentators, see that a clash of heads occurred and the referee not see it? I feel like I’m in a pro wrestling match, where one of the wrestlers hits his opponent over the head with a chair when the referee’s back’s turned. Everyone in the arena sees what happened but the ref, then the ref gets down and gives the three-count and gives the guy the win. It really feels like that.”

It turns out Sydney does have an athletic commission that oversaw UFC 110. They say overturning the decision to a draw is possible if Bonnar files the appeal. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Both fighters have expressed interest in a rematch.

Image via Sherdog