FEG announced three fights for their upcoming DREAM.13 event scheduled for March 22 earlier today. It appears KJ Noons’ return to MMA won’t happen in Strikeforce. Instead, they’re sending him overseas to fight Andre “Dida” Amado (Shogun Rua’s Muay Thai trainer) in a “Strikeforce vs. DREAM” match-up. They teased another SF-DREAM fight, but didn’t reveal who it would be, though they did hint it could involve one of Strikeforce’s top heavyweights.

Talking with the press after todays announcement, DREAM EP Sasahara said that there will be 3-4 additional fights to complete the DREAM.13 card. Two of the fights will be in heavier weight classes and one will be a DREAM vs. Strikeforce fight (Dida vs. Noons is the other one with this theme). These fights and the possible arrival of a big-shot Fedor-class Heavyweight (from Strikeforce?) are planned to be announced next week.

M-1 just announced Fedor will fight for Strikeforce in May against Fabricio Werdum, so we can probably rule those two out. I’ll let you guys speculate who else it might be.

The other two fights announced were Minowaman vs Jimmy Ambriz and Katsunori Kikuno vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka.