“You know I don’t know what he [Frank Mir] thought… he’s still trying to pull his foot out of his mouth and when you say something like that and your wife has to go out and apologize for you, you know you pissed somebody off. I think his wife made the apology before he did probably…But you know in this sport of fighting. Fighting has come so far in such a short amount of time. We want to perceive ourselves as athletes and get the respect of the general public. Yeah it was out of line but in the fighters mentally I don’t want to go in the Octagon and kill somebody but I do want to do whatever I can to win. And maybe that’s what he was saying, I don’t know…But the guy should probably just focus on the task in front of him which is Shane Carwin because if Shane Carwin beats his ass he won’t be fighting me…. Hopefully he gets past Shane Carwin so I can put another beat down on him. For a guy to take an ass whopping like the last I gave him and for him to get up and keep running his mouth. You know I just got to laugh at it…I got to go back to a quote that he said before my second fight. He said if Brock Lesnar beats me, He will become the greatest mixed martial artist ever. And I guess he’s eating his words and he doesn’t want to say that again, he doesn’t want to admit that I am that much better than him…But I am truly hoping that Frank wins this fight so it sets us up for July and maybe the next beat down will … (laughs) I don’t know what I have to do to shut him up.”

—Brock Lesnar in an interview with KFAN Sports Radio, transcript via BE, sharing his thoughts on Frank Mir’s controversial remarks about him

Now that we have Lesnar’s reaction it’s time to finally put this story to bed.