Dana White has made it a point to let his 1,000,000+ twitter followers know that the picture of Chuck Liddell on the left is not indicative of the physical shape Chuck Liddell is actually in. He also wants everyone to know that we are a bunch of idiot websites you should stop reading for suggesting Chuck’s belly was back. I can’t imagine why any of us would do that…I mean it’s not like there’s a pic of Chuck from the set with his gut sticking out…oh wait, there is. Oh well, at least I didn’t liken him to the Cloverfield Monster (lol!). You and I may think it’s funny, but Dana White apparently doesn’t.


Update: Oh boy, Jenna Jameson got into it with Chuck over Dana’s tweet. From BE:

Jenna: I think its funny that @DanaWhite defends Chuck Liddell like he’s his boyfriend… It’s kinda embarrassing

Chuck: @jennajameson she can talk all the shit she want tito is still a pussy and I ko’d him twice

Jenna: actually… I’ve never seen @titoortiz get knock the fuck out… Chuck has twice in the past year…

Chuck: oh I’m sorry the 1st 1 I dropped him and they stopped it the 2nd I hurt him and he quit

Jenna: Listen all you Chuck fans.. I saw @danawhites post defending Chucks gut…it’s embarrassing, my opinion, take it for what its worth

Jenna: Yes, Dana favors Chuck, always has… maybe he has a weiner to match his belly, and Dana may like it.hehehe