A quick look at the fallout from WEC 47…

Brian Bowles’ Broken Hand & Miguel Torres’ Bloody Face

It was not a good night for the two fighters who held the WEC bantamweight title in 2009. Figuring out how to beat Dominick Cruz’s unorthodox striking style and footwork when you’re 100% focused is hard enough, but doing it with a broken hand proved to be too much for Brian Bowles. He won’t let it keep him down though, he vows to fight his way back to the top as any true champion would.

Broke hand again sorry to my fans and sponsors but I’ll b back the sign of a true champ is the come back

Miguel Torres lost his second consecutive fight to Joseph Benavidez in what some would describe as a shocking upset. This picture of his bloodied face says it all. A reminder that no one is unbeatable.

Dominick Cruz vs. Jospeh Benavidez II?

We were supposed to be talking about Brian Bowles vs. Miguel Torres II for the bantamweight title today. Instead, we’re looking at an entirely different rematch for the title — Dominick Cruz vs. Joseph Benavidez II. Both fighters are up for it.

“I’d love to go in there and avenge my only loss against Dominick,” said Benavidez at the WEC 47 post-fight press conference. “It was a tough fight. I think it was a great fight for the fans and we put on a great show. We both could have gone two more rounds — it was a three-round fight — and I’d love to do that.”

“I’ve fought him already and I’m down to fight him again,” said Cruz. “I’ll fight whoever the WEC puts in front of me. If you’re a r real champion — I’ve never picked my fights.”

The WEC wasn’t ready to commit to the fight so soon, but they plan to sit down and figure it out in the coming weeks. After their performances last night though, I’d say the rematch is a no-brainer.

Will Jens Pulver retire?

The short answer is probably, or at least everyone is talking like he will.

The fighters spoke about the impact Jens Pulver has on them and the sport in the post-fight press conference. WEC General Manager Reed Harris loves Jens Pulver, but doesn’t foresee him fighting in the WEC again.

“I would be very concerned about having him continue to fight in the WEC,” Harris, who also counts himself as one of Pulver’s biggest fans, told MMAjunkie.com. “There comes a point in a guy’s career where he needs to look at that, and I’d like to see Jens continue to be involved in the sport. But I think maybe he needs to consider not fighting again.”

After five consecutive losses, it seems like the right time for Jens to hang it up. Even Pulver himself seemed to acknowledge he’s reached the end of the road.

“I’m just a proud old man,” he said. “I’m a proud papa I guess. I’m the godfather of this stuff, and it’s a good place and a good way to go (out).”

Of course, we’re talking about a professional fighter here. They rarely retire when they should, and I’ve yet to see Pulver say he definitely will. In a time when five of the six fighters in the UFC Hall of Fame are still actively fighting or pursuing fights, I’d say it’s little too soon to start bidding our farewells to Jens Pulver just yet.

Video via Fighters Only