Remember when I said all the farewell pieces to Jens Pulver might be a little premature? This is why.

“No, I’m not done,” Pulver said. “I’m disappointed. I just think it’s not fair to do this to all of you, to go out there and just not get the Ws.

“But I guess in the end of it all, that’s not what it’s all about for me,” Pulver continued. “I never did this for money. God knows I didn’t do it for money. I’ve always done it because this is my life and this is my lifestyle, and I’m just on a no-hit streak. I just can’t hit. So we’re going to keep working.”

“I’m not going to say I’m retired, but I want to build Driven, I want to build the gym, I want to keep training,” Pulver said. “I feel very confident in Tony [Fryklund] and the practices that we were having. Three months working out like this and I think the changes were there.”

Not that I don’t agree with all the great things that have been said about Jens Pulver in the last two days or that he doesn’t deserve them when he does retire, but can we give him a moment to breathe and figure out what he wants to do before say goodbye to someone who might not be leaving?

Image via Sherdog