EA Sports MMA: Bobby Lashley Ring Entrance

EA has been busy showing off the progress they’ve made on their upcoming EA Sports MMA title at the Game Developers Conference. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest details.

  • Total Strike Control: Similar to Fight Night Round 4, the game’s entire striking system will be controlled by the right analog stick, but for those of us who aren’t in love with that idea, the striking controls can be remapped to the controller’s face buttons.
  • Controller’s rumble technology will be used to tip off player when opponent is preparing to attempt grappling transition
  • Three separate health meters for head, torso and legs with appropriate damage modeling, won’t be seen in the HUD
  • Stamina meter which replenishes itself, max stamina will gradually decrease as the fight wears on, will be seen in the HUD
  • Hexagon and circle cages and  square rings will be featured as seen in the latest batch of screenshots
  • Three rule set options: Unified rules, Strikeforce rules (no elbows on the ground), Japanese rules (foot stomps!)
  • Flashy ring entrances complete with their own music and walk down the ramp
  • Primary attributes: stand up, clinch, ground, submission, and health, focus on one specific fight style
  • Unique fighter specific fighting stances and styles as seen with Nick Diaz and Cung Le in the latest screenshots
  • Jimmy Lennon Jr. ring announcer, Big John McCarthy referee

If you missed it, here’s the latest batch of screenshots and an interview with EA Sports MMA’s Randy Chase.